Monday 27 October 2014

When I'm Breaking Windows

Not closed pub. Surprising in Preston, I know
I was in the pub last Wednesday night. Surprising I know, but as I've said before the Moorbrook is the premier outlet for Evil Keg in Preston. I was dared to drink a whole pint of Mad Hatter's Manchester Tart. I took them up and finished it with ease. It wasn't even the sourest beer I'd that week.

I went home as usual at 11pm and left the place in full working order (apart from the Evil Keg sour beer that nobody else likes). Imagine my surprise the following morning when the pub's owners posted this photo on Facebook.
Mudgie declares entire pub as "outside" and smoker friendly
Yes, Preston is dangerous even at 4am. Apparently the knob population was staggering back from the town centre and spied the casks piled up beside the Moorbrook. Lots of road rolling fun there, they thought.

Rich, the manager, lives on the premises and heard this, and naturally went out to remonstrate. Sadly, one of the aforementioned knobs took exception and went fist-first through the window (a good measure of how drunk he was, because he could have just lobbed an empty cask at it).

So, Preston is now one 150-year-old frosted glass pub window down, but it's gained an utter cock with a badly sliced up arm. Yes, you can imagine the sympathy pouring in for him from all quarters.  I'm guessing they'll be some kind of fundraising thing to pay for a replica window. My guess is for the thick end of £2000.

The Moorbrook now has one boarded up window. Hope people don't think it's shut again. I'll have to ask Mudgie if anyone's submitted it to Closed Pubs yet.


  1. Pubs are rough, always have been, always will. Just because some middle class ponces wish to intellectualize getting pissed by claiming beer to be some sort of legitimate hobby will never change the fact that pubs are rough and full of rough people.

    Go to Sainsburys, buy a bottle of Shiraz, have a glass whilst watching Midsomer Murders. Steer clear of pubs.

    Further advice, buy a double bolt lock for the door if you are daft enough to live in Preston.

  2. It's still enclosed by more than 50% :p