Sunday 1 March 2015

Events, Dear Boy, Events

A fine establishment, I'm sure
As everyone who knows me even slightly will have ascertained, I'm a miserable bastard. I go to the pub alone, I drink alone, and engage in conversation there only when compulsory. I deal with enough people and their nonsense during the week, and I don't need it during my precious time off.

Other people, though, are not like this. They like crowds and noise, and this is what they demand from their local licenced establishment.  Pubcos and Free House Landlords know this, and try to cater to them, knowing that "just going out for a drink" is something most people profess not to want in the 21st Century.

The pub I'm in at the moment has a full week planned.  Jazz night on Tuesday, Quiz night on Thursday, and Irish Music night on Sunday.  I know. It's plastered on at least two blackboards in my immediate vicinity.  And it's good for me, at least, to know these things. Because then I know when NOT to go to the pub.

As we know (and if you don't, Mudgie will no doubt tell you), just going out for a drink these days is frowned upon in polite society.  So, if the pub is doing a quiz or music night, you can always tell people you're going for the Event rather than the Drink. Honest guv.

Such things don't matter to me, as I'm secure of my place (or otherwise) in society. But normal people don't want to be seen drinking for the sake of drinking. As such "Event" nights in pubs are usually busy. In the old days, such thing were left to Clubs, but even in the North West these have died a death.

If Events get people into pubs during otherwise quiet times, than it's probably a good thing. If nothing else, it keeps the place viable so it's open during the quieter times I prefer. But one hopes that Theme Nights don't take over.  What place for a quiet drink then?

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  1. As you know, I entirely agree with you there. Any "event" in a pub, even if just a United or City match, is well worth avoiding.