Monday 12 October 2015

EvilKegFest 2015

Drinkin' the Evil Keg #12

I write this to not to say that IndyManBeerCon is awful, because it isn't. I write this to say that I am no good at it.

In retrospect, maybe a crowded event in an echoey disused swimming baths wasn't the best option for my personal comfort, but you can't say I don't try.

As I admitted before the event, I'm not really a social bunny.  While I saw many "Beer Communicators" going to every table and chatting away to whomever looked like they were involved in Brewing (and possibly blocking the way for people who just wanted a Beer), that's not really the way I operate. I don't possess the requisite social skill to carry that off without awkwardness or embarrassment.

Due to sheer amount of people and noise, I was quite anxious for the majority of the three hours I was there. Pictured in the above photo was one of the few spots I could actually stay still for a few seconds without having to move for somebody. But not for long.

On the plus side, the beer was very good (or at least the ones I had were), and the people who recognised me ("No, I'm somebody else with a porno tache and paisley shirt" etc.) were nice, even if some were probably put off by my awkward and nervous body language (I'm told I do that).

This has been difficult to write, and I'm sorry I've not been as gushingly positive as everyone else who went has been. For what it's worth, on the way back to Oxford Road Station, I stopped off at the Lass O'Gowrie and had a pint of Greene King. So you can say I've already been punished.

If I'm not honest about these things, what's the point of this blog?


  1. Did it cost an arm and a leg? You have enough to still get pissed before payday, or they clear you out?

  2. Shame I didn't bump into you Matthew as it would have been good to meet. The Manchester Beer & Cider Fest in January might be better for you if you arrive "early doors".

  3. I don't think I've ever been to a beer festival (other than pub beer festivals) on my own; I'm either working or going with friends. I find I'm not as keen on them as I used to be. I can wander around Southport or Liverpool town centres and find a good selection of beers in pubs without having queue to get in and without buying tokens or a glass, and usually I can find a seat if I want one.

  4. Beer festivals in general aren't good for going on your own, not least because you don't have anyone to hold your pint while you go to the bog.

  5. I always go to festivals on my own. I also always take something to read (until I've drunk enough for that to seem like hard work), and after the first couple of beers I generally find myself somewhere to sit and shut the world out. I might have mingled a bit more at KegFest, particularly on Bloggers' Day - there were some people there I'd like to meet - but eventually I would have wanted to find my own corner, get the paper out and recharge*. It sounds like you didn't really have a chance to do that, and for me that would just make the whole thing a stressful occasion.

    Still, was the beer any good?

    *Reminds me of a glib definition I saw on Facebook, which nevertheless makes sense to me. Extroverts get tired and uneasy on their own and need to recharge in company; introverts get tired and uneasy in company and need to recharge on their own.

  6. Good to meet, if briefly, turned around and you'd wandered off. Trade session... I couldn't walk 10 meters or go 5 mins without somebody grabbing my attention. And I, also, have trouble with crowds - exhausting. And room 2 was too fucking loud by half.

    1. -Yvan

      Not sure why it says unknown. You need to change the commenting settings here, innit.

    2. I did wander off, yes. Where I was stood blocked the entrance to the toilets. That and I needed to do some token-burning. I was knackered afterwards, and I'd only been there 3.5 hours. Too much sensory information to process.

      At the Trade Session it's always interesting to be recognisable, as I am (no doubt from my fashion choices). Even Matt Curtis recognised me. He didn't hit me, even though he looked as though he wanted to.

      Fiddled with the comment settings. Not sure if it'll make much difference.

    3. Oh, aye, I prefer these comment settings. I usually prefer to just be Yvan.

      Let the spamflood commence!! ?

      No gripe about wandering off... bad form on my part, IIRC at least 2 random folk came up and demanded my attention. (Apologies to said random folk... my memory doesn't work in a way that correlates interactions with time & space... chances are I do recall any/all conversations had in isolation of context.)

    4. That's just my face. It was nice to meet you Matthew.

  7. If you could change it, in an ideal world, what would it look like?