Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I may have been here at some point

They say that travel broadens the mind. New locations and activities add to the sum of human experience,  producing a more balanced and accepting character.  On the other hand, there's me.

I have enough cash and free time available to be a serial pub botherer like Simon Everitt and Martin Taylor, but such things have little appeal to me.  Those who know me often say "You're off to THAT pub? AGAIN?".  Even the Landlord will say to me "You again? That's three days in a row, Matt."

It's true. I like familiar things.  Going somewhere new is difficult. All manner of things could possibly happen. There could be nothing on sale worth drinkingetting.  There could be angry and mentally disturbed customers. Christ, I may even run into someone from work.

It's well known that I'm a far from gregarious person.  Going to a new place with a whole new set of people to have to figure out is hard. And most of the time I don't have the energy to do so. Sometimes, I even go to an unfamiliar pub, look through the windows and think "No, not today." So, I end up in the same place every time.  Monotony has it's own rewards.

You'll pretty much find me on the same place in the same pub at the same times every week. Routine is good. Routine keeps the sanity I have left.

Mine's a pint of Milk St. See you there.


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  2. No harm in sticking with the familiar. I quite often get anxious going into a new place, especially pubs, just in case there is a pecking order that I am completely unaware of and I don't want to upset the locals. That may explain why when I go new places I tend to pitch up to a new boozer at opening time so I can get the lay of the land for future visits, assuming said pub is somewhere I'd want to go again.

    Also, being 6'4" and not exactly tinkerbelle means I just want to get in, get sat and get on with things as quick as possible, easier to blend in that way.

  3. Not sure why you've removed my comment. Saying that some regulars in my local would be bereft if it closed down hardly seems contentious.

    1. Hmm. Sorry about that. I can only assume I had the blogger page open while I was out yesterday and I inadvertently knocked remove while walking about.