Friday, 19 February 2016


Remember when punks were like this?

Sadly, that was forty years ago and television is a much more controlled environment now. Those things don't happen any more.

But what would happen if a Punk got hold of a Craft Beer canning line? Hmm? What then?
Photo courtesy of Daniel J. Hunt
Perhaps the printer operator on that run was undergoing a disciplinary; perhaps they were leaving that week; perhaps they were just having a bad day. Who knows? But you'd think that such outrageous actions would have been heartily applauded by the "Punk" brewery they were working for. It could have been spun as a cocking of the snook towards the otherwise mundane world of the beer can. Think of the publicity! And if there's one thing we know this particular brewery likes, it's publicity.

Sadly, that's not what happened. Said brewery have not acknowledged that this even has occurred and has instead allegedly conducted a quiet withdrawal of the affected batch of sweary cans. It could be that they don't want thet creation of a secondary market for these potential "collectors items" on eBay. This brewery loves their rarities making money, but only if they themselves are the beneficiaries.

Or, it could be that this apparently iconoclastic, noisy, and attention-seeking brewery isn't as "Punk" as they claim. With their products being increasingly stocked in "mainstream" outlets, they may not want any potentially account-jeopardising rudeness to be seen by, shall we say, less avid consumers of the Craft Lifestyle. Maybe Craft Beer is now the big business it's advocates have always denied it being.

Still, makes you think, doesn't it.


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  2. Or they have deliberately done it as a publicity stunt?

    1. If they have, it's an uncharacteristically poor way of doing it. Then only place this has been mentioned is this a blog (3500 page views a month, fact fans)

  3. "Punk" was originally a black American slang term referring to the (sometimes unwilling) receptive "female" partner during homosexual anal intercourse (commonly in prison).

    Imagine the hilarious misunderstanding that must've ensued when Sid Vicious first arrived on Riker's - "Hey, this guy sez he's a punk...".

    Bumrape LOL. Or maybe not.

    Still, you wouldn't catch me anywhere near anything that called itself punk.

    1. "Punk" predates black American slang by a long way: Shakespeare uses the word in a couple of his plays.