Wednesday 1 May 2013

Bizarre Beers #1 - Hilden Barney's Brew

What goes into beer, exactly? I'd expect you to say the usual - yeast, malt, hops etc. You know, all the boring stuff. Sometimes they get adventurous and put coffee or chocolate in the stout. Maybe even in quantities where you'd taste it through the black malt.

Hilden Brewery have taken a different approach.  What appears to have happened is that someone was putting up the spice rack while brewing, and, having put one Schwartz jar too many inside, the whole bloody lot has fallen in.  Whether you like Barney's Brew depends on what you think of cardamom and black pepper in beer. The views of it online are certainly mixed.

I await the next brew from Hildens. Maybe "Fred's Brew". With rocks and dinosaur bones in. Probably

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