Tuesday 14 May 2013

Responsible Drinking Night / Dubious Piss-Up (delete as applicable)

1.16am : Hello, and welcome to my first sort-of-live blog. This is to demonstrate the exciting life I live. I'm presently cooking egg and chips for my tea. While I'm waiting I'm drinking this :
1.22am : Yes, Dave.  I'm sure Continuum is a "session beer". Session in strength maybe. But I'm not sure I could take too many ones of this IBU in one sitting.  Anyway, on with the eggs.  Oops, broke a yolk.  Never mind.  The grease will help cut through the hops.

1.32am : Say, are these big lumps of yeast at the bottom of this glass?  Did the filter break, Dave?  Doesn't mention "bottle conditioned" on the label.  Still, that's my RDA of Vitamin B for today.  Thanks Hardknott!  Are the chips done?  No, set the temperature wrong.  And I'm not even drunk yet.  Did I tell you about the time I almost gassed myself with this oven on New Year's Day?

1.35am : <clink> There goes the Continuum bottle into the recycle box. Happy landings.  It's had an eventful life, going from Cumbria to Preston.  Twice.

1.40am : Does Hardknott Code Black go with eggs?  It'd better.  Hope the chips aren't on fire or something. 

1.50am : Egg and chips have gone cold during Blogger failure.  Luckily I had it copied and pasted.  Will drink this while it's warming in the oven.  Code Black's a bit more bitter than my usual stouts (Titanic & Stringers) but not overly so.

1.53am : Checking early morning TV schedules.  Does nobody working in the TV industry consider the needs of the the midweek bizarre drunk?  Nothing but crap on again.  Still, could be worse.  Could be a BBC4  jazz night again.

1.56am : Peculiar aroma, this Code Black.  I don't notmally notice these things, but I have here.  Hmm.  Well, over halfway through anyway.  Any nonsense on YouTube?  Oh yes.  Ideal drunk late night viewing....
2.00am :  Food finally both cooked AND warm.  Nearly finished the beer, and found a Fireball XL5 episode to watch.   "Drama At Space City"?  Sounds good to me.  More strings than a 1959 Buddy Holly record.

2.02am : <clink> There goes the Code Black.  Strange finish, like what I get on old whiskies I have at the SMWS.  Next!

2.05am : Is it just me, or does Azimuth smell of tomato ketchup?  Maybe just hungry me anticipating my egg and chips, finally. 
2.10am :  Ahhh.  Azimuth.  Top stuff.  Rounded hoppiness.  Non-aggressive carbonation.  

2.12am : No, Commander Zero.  I don't think inviting Zoonie the Lazoon to stay in your house was the right thing to do.

2.15am : Azimuth very balanced.  Almost sweet, like the Toffo toffees we had back in the 1980s

2.18am : Ha ha ha.  Zoonie's trashing the place.  Commander Zero is threatening to beat his son too, and he threatens his dad with the Parent psychologist.  "Welcome Home!" as Zoonie says.

2.21am : Commander Zero's son looks just like my father (also called Jonathan, who was 9 when this went out in 1963).  Except maybe not quite as overweight.  Shame the Azimuth is nearly gone.

2.25am :  <clink> There goes the Azimuth.
2.27am : Queboid opened. 8%.  On to the real stuff, now.  Gloopy. 

2.28am : Quedboid is great.  Like some insane zoologist has bred together a young whisky and an IPA and set it against Space Patrol and Steve Zodiac.  Possibly.  Or maybe I've  drunk to much and watched too many 60s puppet sci-fi shows.

2.30am : Ha ha.  Jonathan Zero has set Fireball XL5 on fire, but Zoonie the Lazoon has an extinguisher pack.  If only my cats would do this sort of thing when I, say, left the gas on after New Year's Eve.

2.32am :  Zoonie saves the day for Space Patrol, Queboid is the best beer of the night,  I have eaten chips and and am still not drunk. 

 2.33am : And after that, you can sing along to Don Spencer's evocative closing theme music for Fireball XL5.  If nothing else, I need to go to the toilet. Take it away, Don :

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